Cold chain packaging

If you have a valuable product which needs to be kept within a tight temperature tolerance you probably use insulated boxes that perhaps containing dry ice or cold packs. Often these packages need to be tested to guarantee that they maintain temperature in all circumstances through a cold chain.

“Very satisfactory”
- David Cottle, Kinneir Dufort

RD&T have environmentally controlled test rooms where temperature can be controlled to meet a range of cold chain requirements. They also have calibrated temperature monitoring equipment to accurately monitor product temperature and are ISO9001 certified. The team have a track record of carrying out independent testing to a range of standards. In addition RD&T have a wealth of knowledge of heat transfer and can provide consultancy services to help with any heat transfer problems. In the past RD&T personnel have been involved in testing cold chain packaging systems and have developed heat transfer models for pharmaceutical boxes.

For further information please contact Alan Foster who can discuss how RD&T may be able to help.

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