Refrigeration testing and development

RD&T provides independent testing and development of commercial, professional and domestic refrigerators

What we do

RD&T provides independent, knowledgeable and expert advice to develop the performance of commercial (retail), professional (catering) and domestic refrigerators. If you need help to ensure your products comply with energy labelling or other temperature/ energy/ safety performance requirements then we can provide practical and friendly advice

Testing services

Testing of commercial, professional and domestic refrigerators

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Development services

Optimisation and design of refrigeration systems

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Test packs

Test packs for refrigerated cabinets

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  • “Please accept my thanks and gratitude for a thoroughly excellent job”
    — Client, Anon
  • “A very well respected organisation known for its expertise and integrity throughout the refrigeration industry and amongst my key customers”
    — Alan Stammers, JBG-2
  • “Strongly agree that the work represented good value for money. Excellent overall experience of working with RD&T”
    — Ian Tansley, True Energy
  • “They know the test standards better than any other test house I have spoken to. Costs are always an issue for manufacturers of our products but the costs are fair for the services and expertise offered”
    — Steve Goldsmith, Precision Refrigeration
  • “The findings provided by RD&T are based on peer reviewed research, rigorous experimental work and years of industrial engagements”
    — Anonymous
  • “….. thanks to you and the “team” for another sterling job”
    — Client, Anon
  • “Very satisfied with quality of services and communication”
    — Nicolas Wadoux, EDF
  • “Open and transparent communication”
    — Client, Anon
  • “Very satisfactory”
    — David Cottle, Kinneir Dufort
  • “Good communication & technical knowledge”
    — Client, Anon
  • “Clear and to the point”
    — Client, Anon
  • “The communication at every step and quality of the communicated result / feedback / report was very satisfactory”
    — Pierluigi Schiesaro, Arneg SPA
  • “Excellent overall experience of working with RD&T”
    — Mark Isaacs, Pure Cold
  • “The communication is excellent - I was advised of progress at every stage of the testing. The service is friendly and efficient”
    — Kevin Stringer, Autonumis
  • “Very professional”
    — Client, Anon
  • “RD&T team have the knowledge and expertise that can deliver the outstanding result. Very helpful team of experts”
    — Chia Hevedi, Coldco Group Ltd

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