New test standard for retail display cabinets

New test standard for retail display cabinets

An new ISO test standard for testing retail display cabinets has just been published. The available documents are:

  • ISO 23953-1:2023: Refrigerated display cabinets — Part 1: Vocabulary
  • ISO 23953-2:2023: Refrigerated display cabinets — Part 2: Classification, requirements and test conditions

The previous version of the standard was BS EN ISO 23953 parts 1 and 2 which was published in 2015.

The new standard has a number of updates which provide adjustments to the testing methods and also corrects several anomalies in the previous version. Major changes, include a new clause that covers testing of liquid cooled condenser cabinets, a new method to test representative cabinets and the use of alternative components. In addition, there are many clarifications and minor updates which include:

  • The scope has been updated to ensure the standard is not applicable to commercial beverage coolers and ice cream freezers as these types of cabinet are covered in ISO 22044 and ISO 22043 (respectively).
  • Mass flow measurements are better prescribed for cabinets with an electronic expansion valve (EEV).
  • Assessment of the performance of refrigerants with glide is better prescribed.
  • Marking of load limits and marking of multiple loading lines for different M-package temperature classifications are now included.
  • Additional diagrams that better explain measurement of total display areas (TDA) are included.
  • Clarification of product loading issues that were apparent in the current standard are overcome.
  • A better definition of cabinet types (e.g., semi vertical cabinets) is included.
  • New requirements for test room ambient temperature measurement are added.

RD&T’s Judith Evans is the BSI representative on the working group (Commercial refrigerated display cabinets) which is responsible for the updates. If you are interested in knowing more on this topic or would like any advice on testing supermarket cabinets (or any other type of refrigerated cabinet), then please contact Judith Evans ( at RD&T.

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