Commercial eco-design update

Commercial eco-design update

Latest updated draft eco-design and energy labelling regulations for refrigerating appliances with a direct sales function now require compliance with the Regulations from 1st September 2020. The latest draft allows manufacturers to calculate the energy label for their cabinets and to determine whether performance is better than the minimum energy performance standards (MEPS). From 1st September 2020 all cabinets within the ‘refrigerating appliances with a direct sales function’ category will need to have an energy efficient index (EEI) of better than 110%. From the 1st September 2023 the EEI of all cabinets must be better than 80% to be sold in Europe.

Also relevant to manufacturers of refrigerated cabinets is the European product database for energy labelling (EPREL). This is a database that relates to the energy label, technical documentation and compliance information. The database is divided in two parts:

  1. A compliance site. This is a secure website or portal hosted by the EC. It is an access point for publishing and accessing public and compliance data by Suppliers, Market Surveillance Authorities (MSA) and EC officials.
  2. A public site. Again a secure website or portal. The site enables citizens, resellers and researchers to have access to product information. It is stated on the portal that ‘consumers will be able to search the EPREL database for energy labels and product information sheets as of the second quarter 2019’.

From 1st January 2019 suppliers (manufacturers, importers or authorised representatives) must register new products that require an energy label. For products placed on the market between 1st August 2017 and 1st January 2019 registration must be completed before 1st July 2019. This applies to refrigerated products that are already labelled and includes:

  • Refrigeration (professional)
  • Refrigerating appliances (household)
  • Air conditioners

Due to the requirements within the EPREL suppliers must now provide justification for the energy label they claim. Within the draft Regulation for refrigerating appliances with a direct sales function it is stated that products must be tested and must be accompanied by a certificate or test report. Due to the EPREL this will now be the case for all listed products as suppliers must provide information on the products they list.

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