F-gas revision published

F-gas revision published

The new F-gas regulation was published in the official journal of the European Union (EU) on 20th February 2024 (link to regulation text). The regulation will become legally binding 20 days after its publication.

Fluorinated greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions amount to 2.5% of total GHG emissions in the EU. The regulation is therefore a step towards the Commission’s aim for Europe to become climate-neutral and have zero pollution by 2050. The regulation removes HFCs from the European market by 2050 and provides a clear roadmap for industry to transition to lower GWP refrigerants.

We covered changes to the regulation in detail in our last newsletter (New F-gas revision). To add to that information there are a couple of not new, but interesting clauses:

  • The regulation references Per- and Polyfluorinated Substances (PFAS). The regulation states that ‘PFAS are chemicals which resist degradation and potentially have negative effects on health and the environment’. It states that ‘undertakings should consider using alternatives, where available, which are less harmful for health, the environment and the climate’. The PFAS issue is currently being considered by the European Chemicals Agency under proposals submitted by several EU countries (HFC and HFO refrigerants – the PFAS issue). Including a connection to PFAS chemicals, but not directly regulating them. is an interesting development.
  • Annex 10 lists certification and training requirements. To be able to carry out maintenance, servicing, recovery or repair of equipment, personnel shall be trained. This covers fluorinated greenhouse gases, relevant alternatives to fluorinated GHGs and natural refrigerants. Member countries shall establish or adapt certification programmes within 1 year of the regulation entering into force. Therefore, there is now a requirement for all service engineers to be trained regardless of the refrigerant being applied.

If you are interested in how to transition to lower GWP refrigerants and would like any help or advice, then please contact Judith Evans (j.a.evans@rdandt.co.uk) at RD&T.

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