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Test chambers

Test chamber design

At RD&T we can help you design a new test chamber for testing retail, commercial or professional refrigerated cabinets. We have considerable experience in designing test chambers for different locations and needs. In the past we have designed test chambers for refrigerated cabinet manufacturers’ in a number of countries.

Commissioning of test chambers

Once your test chamber is built RD&T can make help in the commissioning process to make sure the room operates to the design specification.

Witness testing the performance of test chambers

RD&T can quantify the performance of a test chamber and ensure that it operates to the correct test standard (usually EN23953). To comply with EN23953 test chambers need to be calibrated annually. RD&T can provide an independent assessment to ensure that your test chamber complies with the required standard.

If you would like advice on designing, commissioning or testing of test chambers please contact Judith Evans ( at RD&T.