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Testing (retail/commercial/ECA)

EN23953 testing

Information for customers regarding the testing process can be downloaded from the following link: Testing information for customers.

We can perform tests on all types of refrigerated cabinets / refrigerated cases / commercial refrigerated display merchandisers / storage cabinets. These include:

  • Remote retail cabinets (multi-decks, full and half glass door cabinets, bottle coolers, well, delicatessens, roll-ins)
  • Integral retail cabinets (as above)
  • Commercial service (catering kitchen or professional) cabinets

RD&T has facilities to test all sizes of cabinets from the smallest domestic unit to large retail display cabinets. Remote cabinets can be tested on a range of refrigerants (e.g. R404A, R407A, R407F etc)

Both retail display and commercial service cabinets can be tested for ECA (Enhanced Capital Allowance) accreditation. The ECA scheme allows  purchasers to claim 100 per cent first-year ECAs against designated energy-saving plant and machinery. This can be written off against taxable profits of the period in which the investment is made. Details of the ECA scheme can be found at

Additional information can be found at:

FAQ - Manufacturers:

FAQ - Purchasers:

Technology Information Leaflets and Application Checklists for making an application for listing of a product on the ETPL:

RD&T personnel have developed extensive experience over a 20 year period of helping refrigerated cabinet manufacturers test and develop cabinets. RD&T’s customer base is Worldwide. In particular RD&T have helped companies to develop product to European standards. To sell into Europe retail display or professional cabinets must reach certain performance standards. This is usually required by end users and supermarkets to ensure that cabinets perform to food safety standards and are energy efficient and mechanically safe to use. Accreditation and performance benchmarking are becoming increasingly important due to the Energy Related Products Directive which will prevent products that do not meet certain MEPS (Minimum Energy Performance Standards) being sold into Europe.

To download information about the RD&T testing services click here.

We have recently revised the way in which the services are provided to offer a simpler and fairer means for companies to use our services. We now provide a basic service for companies who already know how their cabinets should be set up and tested. We then offer additional services to optimise the cabinet settings as required. As always we will continue to offer a premium service where we help manufacturers redesign cabinets and to make them compliant for energy and temperature accreditation schemes.

We have also launched a pre-test service where we examine a cabinet outside of the test environment and provide comments on common issues that may prevent the cabinet passing a standard test. We obviously cannot fully guarantee that such a service will mean that your cabinet will pass a standard test but we can help you overcome many of the common issues we find with cabinets that fail a standard test. By being able to examine a cabinet outside of a test room we can offer an economic means to improve the chances of your cabinet complying with test standards. In addition if you then test the cabinet in one of our test facilities you will utilise the time in the test facility more fully as we will have already made sure that common faults have been corrected.

To download information about the RD&T pre-testing services click here.

Other serviced include:

  • EN16825 commercial / professional cabinet testing - integral or remote cabinets. Download information on our commercial service cabinet testing: RDT Cabinet testing services.pdf

  • Calculations for compliance with ECA (Enhanced Capital Allowance) scheme

  • Testing of domestic refrigerators

  • Refrigerant performance testing

  • Conversion to environmentally friendly refrigerants

  • Hydrocarbon conversion - safety and optimisation (e.g. to: EN 60335-2-89:2011-11)

  • Cabinet development/optimisation

  • Development/improvement of cabinet performance

  • Energy consumption optimisation

  • Development and specification of refrigerated cabinet test facilities and related equipment

  • EN23953 part 5.3.4 Water vapour condensation test
 Bespoke testing services

Although testing to a set standard is useful, it rarely reflects cabinet performance under real usage. Therefore bespoke tests can also be performed outside of the 'standard' conditions. Almost any operating environment can be created in our dedicated cabinet test rooms to better evaluate real world performance.

Using the equipment available we can also carry out other related refrigeration testing. Please contact us to discuss.

Cabinet development and optimisation 

An additional service offered by RD&T is development to improve cabinet operation. This can involve improvements to the actual cabinet design and/or evaluation of the refrigeration system. Often re-design of cabinets is carried out with the help of CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) modelling that allows greater understanding of airflows within cabinets.

Witness testing

Testing can also be carried out in your own test facility by RD&T personnel who can independently witness tests being carried out.  As part of the witness testing RD&T will:

  • Verify performance of the test facility
  • Witness testing being carried out
  • Check compliance with the relevant test standard
  • Check equipment for accuracy and compliance with test standards
  • Independently check and verify test results
  • Provide an independent test report