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Carbon reduction

RD&T have extensive experience of energy, refrigerant emissions and waste in the food cold chain. They have used this knowledge to assess carbon emissions in the food cold chain from post-harvest or slaughter to consumption by the consumer.

In a recent report published by the BFFF (British Frozen Food Federation) RD&T assessed carbon emissions from a typical UK Sunday roast meal for four people. An analysis of the emissions from chicken, peas, carrots, and roast potato ‘cold chains’ from over 40 academic papers was carried out. Emissions from all sources considered in the study calculated that a chilled meal for four persons was equivalent to 6.546 kg CO2e compared to a frozen meal for four at 6.329 kg CO2e. The report can be downloaded from the BFFF web site at:

To discuss carbon emission in the food cold chain please contact Judith Evans (