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Food refrigeration

RD&T has a great deal of expertise in the interaction between foods and refrigeration systems and so can provide a complete package to help design, troubleshoot and optimise food refrigeration systems.

RD&T have been involved in projects that include:

  • heat removal and temperature reducing operations of primary and secondary chilling, freezing and crust freezing
  • temperature maintenance operations of chilled and frozen storage, transport, retail display and consumer handling
  • thawing and tempering under refrigerated conditions
  • optimisation of domestic and commercial refrigerators and freezers
  • design, optimisation and testing of commercial refrigerated cabinets
  • reducing energy consumption
  • troubleshooting refrigeration system problems throughout the cold chain

Often tools are used to help optimise refrigeration systems and refrigeration of food . These tools include computer modelling such as:

  • computational fluid dynamics (CFD) for predicting temperatures, airflows, and energy requirements in rooms and refrigerated cabinets
  • heat and mass transfer models of foods and cold storage spaces
  • refrigeration system models

Our experience, and the combination of modelling and measurement that are used in most of our projects enable us to save our customers considerable time and money.