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RD&T can help companies optimise design of refrigeration systems through a combination of component selection and optimisation, optimisation of refrigerant charge and optimisation of the operation of a system.  The expertise provided by RD&T enables energy usage to be minimised whilst maintaining the required temperature within a refrigerator.

In the past RD&T have optimised:

  • Temperature and energy performance of domestic, commercial and retail refrigerators through optimisation of refrigerant charge and capillary size/length
  • Components for domestic, commercial and retail refrigerators
  • Performance of retail display cabinets through reducing air leakage and infiltration into open fronted cabinets
  • Air curtain performance in cold stores and retail display cabinets

Once a new refrigeration concept has been designed RD&T can develop the system further by building prototypes.  Small scale to full size prototypes can be developed to prove and optimise a concept.

Safety testing

Safety is an important factor when developing small appliances especially when using hydro carbons (HCs).  RD&T can assess safety of HCs and advise manufacturers on best practice both in terms of safety of the appliance but also in terms of the HC charging procedure and production line. 

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