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Case Studies

Examples of successful collaborations with companies:

Effectiveness of a cold store air curtain.  Company: Clark Doors

Case study-Clark Doors.pdf

Optimising performance of an integral retail display cabinet. Company: Pure Cold

Case study-PureCold.pdf 

Using CFD to improve the performance of a retail display cabinet. Company: Pastorfrigor

Case study-Pastorfrigor.pdf 

A novel multi-temperature refrigerator. Company: Adande

Case study-Adande.pdf

Improving performance of food freezing. Company: apetito

Case study-apetito.pdf

Payback and energy use of rapid roll cold store doors. Company: Union Industries

Case study-Union Industries.pdf

Developing and testing novel air guides for open fronted retail display cabinets. Company: Fridgeland

Case study-Fridgeland.pdf

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