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The Big Freeze

At RD&T we are often involved in freezing projects but we have never been asked to freeze anything as large as a whale! This was the challenge that we were asked to take on several months ago in a top secret TV project to preserve a whale that had been washed up on the north coast of Scotland. The carcass needed to be frozen to preserve it for the filming that was carried out at the end of August. The aim of the TV programme, featuring Ben Fogle, was to determine what would feed on the whale carcass at sea. What feeds on whale carcasses is not very well documented and so the TV crew were hoping to find whether sharks or other animals were the major predators.

Freezing such a large carcass is particularly problematical as ‘conventional’ freezing techniques would take too long and result in the carcass severely deteriorating. Therefore RD&T had to mathematically model and design a freezing and thawing process that prevented the carcass from deteriorating too quickly.

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The TV programme is due to be aired later this year.

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