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Energy Technology List Update

Carbon Trust who manage the Energy Technology List (ETL) have recently announced that updates will be made to the ETL. These will be submitted to Government during June 2015 with changes expected to come into force in late summer/early autumn 2015.

The ETL lists energy efficient products that can claim an Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) when bought.  The scheme encourages end users to purchase energy efficient technologies and products. End users can claim 100% capital allowance in year one rather than a depreciating capital allowance over several years. Businesses are therefore able to write off the whole cost of their investment against their taxable profits of the period during which they make the investment.

  • Changes for refrigerated display cabinets include:
  • Tightened cooling performance (EEI) thresholds
  • New thresholds introduced for products with "horizontal" configuration to align with Eco-design.
  • Housekeeping change to align testing requirements with the revised standard BS EN ISO 23953:2005 A1:2012.

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