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Refrigeration Developments and Testing Ltd.

RD&T offers a unique service that transfers research knowledge into industrial projects. RD&T carries out innovative work on food refrigeration, refrigeration development, cabinet and appliance testing, and heat and mass transfer.  The company involves Judith Evans, Tim Brown and Alan Foster.

Services include design and testing of domestic, commercial and retail refrigeration systems. We can help at all stages from initial concept to development of prototypes to final optimisation and testing. RD&T combines the use of advanced mathematical modelling tools with practical design knowledge and skills to provide expert applied solutions.

RD&T offer a comprehensive package of services that cover design to testing:

  1. Design from concept or idea
  2. Development of a prototype or demonstrator
  3. Testing and final confirmation of performance

    Latest News & Updates

    Are you ready for the R404A phase out?

    12th Apr 2017
    Many manufacturers are still using R404A in commercial and professional cabinets. Recently Honeywell (one of the largest manufacturers of refrigerants) stated that they intend to stop selling high GWP refrigerants such as R404A in Europe from next year (2018). The price of R404A has risen dramatically over the last year and is predicted to continue increasing (consecutive monthly price rises of 25% and 30% have recently been announced by Chemours). There is now a strong business case to move to a low GWP refrigerant alternative.

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    Professional energy labelling - are you compliant?

    12th Apr 2017
    Labelling of professional cabinets has been a legal requirement since 1 July 2016. Read out latest free brochure to make sure you comply. Download the brochure by clicking here.

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    New regulations affecting professional cabinet manufacturers

    19th Jul 2016
    A number of new regulations are now in force that affects manufactures of professional refrigerated cabinets. It is now a legal requirement to label all professional refrigerated cabinets sold in EU member states. Also regulations affecting refrigerants will restrict the use of HFC refrigerants that you can use. We have created 2 information leaflets for professional cabinet manufacturers that explain the rules surrounding energy labelling and the use of F-gas refrigerants.

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    Our Services Logo
    • Commercial and professional cabinet/appliance testing
    • Refrigeration system development
    • Test packages
    • Mathematical modelling
    • Design and optimisation
    • Energy reduction
    A design service to identify the key issues surrounding a new design, find the best options and incorporate them into a design package.

    Develop the design into something tangible, build a prototype and optimise performance.

    Testing (retail/commercial/ECA)
    Test to prove performance of equipment to an BS/EN/ISO standard and obtain accreditation.